In the realm of art, photography is my first-love.

In high school, I took a photography class, and absolutely loved the thrill of seeing images come to life before my eyes in the darkroom.  When I started my photography career, 35mm film was the only photographic process.  A great deal has changed in the world of photography with the introduction of digital cameras, but the concept of capturing a ‘great photograph’ is a skill that transcends the tool of the camera, and the responsibility falls directly on the operator of the tool.  I am so lucky to be able to teach the skills of photography that I have learned over the years and continue to apply my knowledge of darkroom photography in my current teaching career.

Family Pictures, Pet Photography, Portraits, Special Occasions…

  • 1-1.5 hr photo shoot $195
  • Price includes:
  1. a memory stick of images for printing (image quality is not reduced)
  2. basic editing (my preference is “straight-photography” with limited manipulation)
  3. my travel to a local London or area destination (your home or a park-like setting)

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