One summer during university, a friend convinced me to take pottery lessons with her at Fanshawe College/Hutton House.  In that year, I fell in love with a new artistic medium.  However, when I graduated, ceramics took a back-seat, as my teaching career kept me busy teaching English, Drama and everything in between!  In 2012, almost 10 years later, I accepted an art position teaching at a school that had a kiln, and this rekindled my passion for clay.

There is something extremely cathartic about moulding ‘dirt’ into functional and creative structures.  In 2013, I became a member at the London Clay Art Centre.  As a life-long learner, I am continually refining my skills as a ceramic artist, and enjoying every moment of my time ‘playing’ in dirt.

I love teaching ceramics to my students, as this medium is often the favourite of those who struggle with their finer motor skills, or those who are disinterested in ‘colouring in the lines’.  This is a 3-D medium that is messy, mouldable and sometimes unforgiving; clay teaches us patience and the importance of building something in logical steps.

2014-Winter LPG Sale
In Process (glazed ready to be fired)
In Process: Leather Hard with Coloured Slip